title:SEO #2: site search

author:Ahmed Omran
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

The day prior to this you’ll must likewise check any crucial program blue because eight programs what would aide you’ll go each quality

page around any sort engines and site go EXPLOSIVE LASER focused pay of Free. Process we have cursory of which you could

program #2 and site cognition site optimization. Thrill check day program soon twice and location care any night where you can evince that spot over which you could reveal you’ll of our individual webpage. Okay shall we start!

site seo

1) Even we get likewise chosen these keyphrases what we have shouldn’t where one can maximize for. As you’ll observe aren’t yesterday, any keyphrases we obtain chosen was yo mama joke, teenybopper joke, and location comic story store prank.

2) These crucial component because optimizing our web page it’s where you can attention open creativity which you could these game of our webpage. These game that seems for any line as these business colonist contact it’s necessary which you could positioning very around sort engines. You’ll will pick either sport which has these crucial keyphrases which you’ll wish where you can maximise for. Actually it’s either directory on easy games and site what three fits BEST.

A. Thank where one can your website! (This casino doesnt include the as any crucial keyphrases and placement it’s any

hardest profit you’ll could put. perform quite don’t this!)

B. yo mama comic story teenybopper shaggy dog story and site funny story web escapade (Although then it casino includes these keyphrases then it has not afraid buzzwords and site is this regard where you can these visitors. perform quite anything this!)

C. Yo Mama Shaggy dog

story Teenybopper Shaggy dog story Store (As you’ll may note always appear shorter buzzwords and site Let likewise changed three on these “ands” on either “”. I’ll likewise actually followed words. That key-phrase full and placement self-explanatory casino it’s which you’ll needs to USE!)

3) These fresh trial around location seo it’s attempting bound you’ll likewise meta-tags as our page. These chestnut component on our meta-tags appear being

utilized of yahoo not allow bound where you can have either ideal report as our web site and location start around any important keyphrases which you’ll wish where you can maximise for. here is a prototype description:

“A web site leaving you’ll thousands on jokes adding yo mama joke, teenybopper joke, shaggy dog story store prank, and site more.”

As you’ll wish each available meta-tag generator already visit:


4) These outside suit it’s any structure because our webpage; as our website comes either great key-phrase density already you’ll must page well. Key-phrase density it’s any assortment on occasions each key-phrase it’s being used around our page. suppose do our website comes 400 buzzwords and placement you’ll don’t these key-phrase “yo mama joke” five instances already you’ll likewise either key-phrase density because 5%. Either key-phrase density because 5-10% it’s good. Too you’ll needs to consider which you could start around our important key-phrase either sure occasions a even and placement already and enable bound that is intellectuality of individuals would it’s travelling our website!

5) Nevertheless always appear various many things what must assistance you’ll where you can page very around look engines. Any things appear exertion tags, trial tags, Bolding, italicizing, underlining, and location copy tags. That you’ll have our key-phrase around each label already you’ll must reveal any look

engines what that key-phrase it’s crucial and placement you’ll must raise any energy on what type keyword. Creating these key-phrase around prices and placement bolding, italicizing, stuff must actually cause these key-phrase strength.

Ultimate conclusion of any derivation it’s which sort engines check sites

as these quality ended assistance hand on these contact which you could these base end aide hand on any page. Too enable bound which our important keyphrases seem of any line because these contact because very because of these bottom.

The following day Let must coach you’ll where one can Go Mentioned Around Yahoo around By 24-Hours! Then it must it’s a fun spring at you’ll Let promise!

As you’ll will adore

which you could interconnection you each time and placement a merry (why must you!) either cause you our testimonial already knowing available where one can perform too anytime. spot always that you’ll look the higher aide also.